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Home is more than simply shelter.  It is not just the place where we live but has a huge influence on how we live. It can shape our health and wellbeing, as well as our work and prosperity. It also impacts on the quality of our environment and the strength of our communities. Housing touches every part of life in Scotland, from childhood to old age.

Present Voices, Future Lives (commissioned by the Scottish Government) was a travelling exhibition that toured the length and breadth of Scotland between October – December 2019, visiting 12 locations (cities, islands, towns and islands) speaking to people, gathering their thoughts, ideas and aspirations for how housing should look and feel by 2040.

Chris Leslie Productions were commissioned to produce 12 short films featuring local people from each location. The films were approx 3 minutes in length and included short edits for social media purposes. Time and turnaround in each location was tight – mainly limited to a day’s shoot and the films were edited and output on the go so the films could be screened at each subsequent location. The brief included aerial photography and photographic portraits of all interviewees on location.

A selection of the short films can be viewed below: